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July 24, 2010
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The emergence of the unknown by RoadioArts The emergence of the unknown by RoadioArts
of the unknown species

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İrt.adolfo 2010
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I would like to start off by complimenting the lighting, I personally have always been a fan of very dramatic lighting, such as Caravaggio's tenebroso. You have done an exceptional job with creating a focal point by using a dramatic light source. Compositional this piece is very strong as well, with having the foreground, mid-ground, and background done in "rule of thirds". The visual lines created by the columns leaning across each other is also very well done, the heavy light source pulls your eyes right into it, than the diagonal lines help lead your eye across the rest of the picture. Finally exceptional color palate choice, your choice in color really helps make the picture as good as it is.

A few things however I would like to make note of. The two columns are very close to being in the center of the picture, compositionally centering objects well is very hard to do. You pulled it off quite well, but could the picture have been stronger if they were more off centered? One last thing that is causing me a little bit of confusion is the exact location of the light source. Judging by the outer most left edge of the column in the back, the light source is coming from behind it. Yet somehow there is a single strand of "light" smoke coming across and around that column. If the light source is behind the further back column, the light would simple be emitted outwards, like it is, but not around the column itself.
But I admit, I may just be interpreting what you are trying to portray the wrong way.

Overall, this is my favorite piece I have seen on this site. Exceptional job and keep up the fantastic work.
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For me photography and art is all about mood and atmosphere, this composition has both in spades. Had this been a picture of a UFO and we were trying to ascertain if it were real or not a critique of the lighting might be fair given that it may not be perfect from a physics standpoint. My imagination is what is evoked here, what happened here?, who lived here? and on and on...The spatial aspects of this piece give it an incredible depth and openness. It also has a personal feel as if I were the one who discovered this ancient structure looming up out of a dark and bitter cold night. Wonderfully done!
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Love The Portal Look To This Piece.
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